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Another picture of the damage.

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This was the Flag at the entrance of the Condo Complex. I finally was able to take the flag down. When I saw it I nearly Cried. . .
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Such a great idea!! The flag always deserves respect.

0829: please take photos and post them.


I will try to remember to take a camera, wait I have a cell phone with me all the time. My granddaughter will let me know when the program will be. Thanks Racoonstar.


@0829 - I would be interested in puzzles from pictures of the retirement. TFS. :)


Thank you for all the comments. I love Old Glory, and would do anything to protect it. Big pine tree and the wind did the damage. My granddaughter is a school teacher and her school has a ROTC program and they have a retirement program and I will give them the flag to retire, and then I will attend this retirement. . . Naoma


Thank you for looking after Old Glory.


".....and our flag was still there....."


It appears to be significantly damaged, and might not be repairable.
Check with your local fire department or VFW for help in correctly disposing of the flag.


Tuck it in a safe place and thank goodness that you are OK.

Thank you for saving the flag.

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