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Only a little bogged down...

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It went bad fast. From a 40 cm ditch to a large jacuzzi in no time at all. The machine got water on the variator drivebelt, and when that happens it goes nowhere by it's own. The cheap winch wire my boss had got broke, taking out the hydraulics hose of the grip. Then the equally cheap winch rope on the Lewis chainsaw winch also broke. It took some time to get it out using the crane to tilt and lift it until the belt was over the water level.
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  1. patrol045:33
  2. wildoak6:40
  3. mek19727:47
  4. unclemike8:40
  5. WVHillbillytoo9:02
  6. Twilhaar10:40
  7. Capnskilett11:22
  8. gievlos14:03
  9. Amagram15:56
  10. Stumpy17:20


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The day was quite OK. Things happens, and no big harm done. Only a hose to replace, and some cleaning.

Sweden is only warm a few weeks in the summer. This was in februari, and 5-7 celsius.

That Alstor 8x8 mini forwarder is used in a local council integration project. No pressure to make a profit, and a few hours out of use is not a major problem.

Sounds like a pretty bad day all around. I just hope it wasn't hot. That always makes a bad day worse. Got any 'after' photos? It would be great to see them. Thanks for sharing your fun with us. connie

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