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Oh look! What is there?

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  1. viktorie2:21
  2. BarbaraL2:27
  3. deinert2:49
  4. christom2:57
  5. tricheco862:57
  6. lelabugosi3:18
  7. nela093:19
  8. ofehoyos3:19
  9. Dohun3:22
  10. david065203:30


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They are the most fabulous to walk among and touch, Ann!! And believe me: people walking there don't see them at all!! We noticed it in June when we were there. I really don't know why people go for a walk in a wood if they don't see it!! Thanks so very much Ann!!

Dagmar, I do hope you won't be too disappointed really. But your ideas are not quite wild!! Thanks so very much!


The Golden people are looking for an alley to defeat the evil witchking of Oeland and free their kin of his oppresion. Will this box hidden away in this forest bring them the help they are looking for?


Hanne & Bent, I love your Golden People & the forbidding-looking Guardian of the Mystery Box----But I also especially love the gnarly, twisted, tortured trees! Thanks, you two............


Indeed!!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


These golden guys sure find a lot of beautiful places to explore! I wonder what they will discover? I am sure you will show us tomorrow!


It's a surprise box!! Indeed!! Just wait and see!! Thanks Ardy and whatnauts!!


Looks exciting. Hope it isn't another Pandora's box. Thanks Hanne and Bent.


Soon to be kicked off the board (3:50), I am waiting with anticipation to see what the golden ones have discovered :) Thanks Hanne and Bent.


Thanks Sandy, it's from a wonderful wood on Oeland!!


lela, you are like a chameleon!

Again, I love this gnarly wooded photo. Thanks Hanne.


Yes! Dare they open it?? Thanks Lela!!


Another wonder, waiting to be discovered!.......

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