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Once upon a time there was a puppy

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It was easy to see, I had a fun time. ☺
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Waf waf woof dear auntie, ☺ Sweet licks ♥♥♥

As you should.


Waf waf woof dear aunties, I was trying everything. ☺
Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Bella, you look like a CAT ready to pounce !!!

That is why you have a wonderful life.


Waf woof dear aunties, I really enjoy life and I always did. Well, that's easy to see. Yes my puppy time was nice. And I was lucky, mum took the time to raise me well. And just because we spend so much time together we came so close. That's why I like to do things the way she wants it. ☺ Sweet licks ♥♥♥

Nothing i more fun than a run.


It looks like mum should say, "Four on the floor!" here. LOLOL ;DDD


What a great photo! You do look funny, Bella. ☺☺☺ An expression of pure joy.
Woof woof. ♥♥♥


You look like you are bounding on a trampoline, Bella. Such fun. Thanks, Ank.


That must have been a fun day, Bella! Even your ears and tail were happy!


Such a cute and action packed puppy - or so it looks.


LOL! Your tail is straight up! Very Cute!


Bella, you haven't changed much, you loved to play back then and still do.


No questioning what a happy girl you are Bella, and you are demonstrating perfect Poodle poetry in motion! Super photo Ank ☺


And he wanted to play.


Indeed - then and now having a great time!

Not just flying ears! LOL

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