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Holly Blue Butterfly-- Boomblauwtje

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...on my Pernettya plant in the back garden.
I was watering my plants in the back garden late in the afternoon and this lovely little Blue Butterfly landed on the plant and couldn't get enough of the buds of my Pernettya plant. It let me take several photos with my camera on Macro and my lens almost touching it! :-))
Check out its' curly tongue! ☺☺
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  1. babray1:55
  2. liertje19782:07
  3. Impie2:25
  4. slava22:37
  5. nanlein2:53
  6. Ginni23:06
  7. haven13:07
  8. LadyLynnP3:19
  10. canoekaw3:29


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Hi Niccolino, thank you. Your Holly Blue makes sense. My Holly Blue sat on the Pernettya! :-))


Impie, I've seen quite a few blue butterflies in my garden this year - looked them up & realised they like holly - we have a holly bush in the corner at the back of our garden! This is a good clear shot.


why thank you, Marilyn, I took several photos of this pretty butterfly, but this was the most clear detailed one, even when enlarged!:)


It is a splendid photo of a very pretty butterfly.


Yeah, Faye, most Butterflies have striped antennae, but of the Holy Blue it's very clear!:))

Thank you, Nan. Leroy caught his Holy Blue on the Ivy at the front (on the 5th), perhaps this is one and the same....I caught it in the back garden yesterday with some damage to the wing(s). :))

Thanks, Ella, yes, it's a cute little face and I love the curled tongue:) If you look closer to the antennae of other butterflies you can vagely see they are striped too, just not as clear as those of a Holy Blue! I've pruned my Pernetty a couple of weeks back as it was growing too high and too wide, but I may have I stimulated it to grow even faster! :-))

Thank you, Ginni, though I think you have many beautiful Butterflies as well. :-)

Thank you, Anne. These are the buds of my Pernettya and after they're pollinated they become pink/red berries. But I get why you think that, the buds look indeed like little bells. My Gaultheria gives similar buds and will also become berries. They are related, only the leaves of a Gaultheria are more 'friendly' where the Pernettya "bites" with her sharp pointy leaves. :-))


Oh my! She/he is a splendid specimen. Are those bluebell flowers? Or maybe what's called Cantebury Bells?


You all have the greatest butterflies over there! :-)


Love her face, those antenna are unusual. You usually only see a solid color. She's probably been flying quite a distance as her wing is a little damaged. Love the Pernettya, too!


terrific photo! how neat that you and Leroy caught pics of the same kind of butterfly just days apart.


Love the striped antennae! :)))

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