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Blue Jay photo bomb, Cape Cod.

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We are off for our annual week on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.
Had a great play date with bluebird42 (Jacki) and bowlakeboy (Ed) yesterday . :)

Today we went on a nice walk on Great Island-about 5 miles. This afternoon was spent sitting in the sun on the deck reading.
Thought I would take a photo (cell phone) of the back yard here and wouldn't ya know it? PHOTO BOMB!

Will try to take some cell phone pics so I can post while we are here.
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It added some colors though Suzy...


We are enjoying every second of our Cape time, Val. It actually took me a few minutes to figure out what the blue thing was in the photo! LOL

The plan was to get the trees and the two empty chairs, Barb. Mr. Jay had a different idea. :)

Thank you, Jill, We are having a wonderful time. Have had some day adventures with good friends and are now exploring on our own.

The colors in the back always seem so brilliant here, Jacki--I don't know if it's because there usually isn't much color on the Cape, or that the surrounding trees really make them stand out.


Fabulous! Between the brilliant reds and the brilliant blues . . . W♥W


Trust you already enjoying your time away Suzy. What a wonderful bird, would be happy with that kind of photo bomb any time


Wow! Suzy, what an incredible luck, thanks for sharing it :)


Glorious colours here thank you Suzy, thought your BJ was a BF Butterfly at first glance, have a wonderful week☺♥


It was very rude of Mr. BJ, Foxy. Perhaps he knows we have devised a method to keep his relatives from our feeders at home!

Thanks, Shirley. The trip here (on a back road through the state) was really colorful as well. :)

The photo bomb was quite a surprise, Lorna. Had I WANTED to get his photo, it never would have happened! LOL

You have an excellent eye, Robbie! I didn't notice those!

This is a nice time of year for a walk. Will your autumn leaves will be a puzzle soon, Irena? ;)

Bird. Ears. Now a toupee! This is like one of those find the missing objects puzzles, Lela!!!

We spoke of last year, Ardy!!!! :) Enjoy your company!!!

Thanks, Chickie. I can't hold the phone still and normally can't see the screen in the sun. I don't like using it!!! :(

Thank you, Patti! It's nice to have you home!!!!

♥ , Francine

Thank you, Janet! We will keep ourselves busy! Hugs!

Faye, Lela, Porgy...… just keep it going!!!! :)


Heh heh heh..........


Well! Hmph!


The blue jay belongs there! Robbie has discovered the TRUE photo bomber! ;DDD

Glad you're having sunshine...and some gorgeous fall colours. ❤️


What fabulous autumn colours thanks Jacki and the Blue Jay is fabulous too. Enjoy your week at Cape Cod. Hugs ♥





LOL lela!
You still have color on the Cape! Beautiful cell shot, Suzy!


Delightful, Suzy. And look at that wonderful fall coloring in the background. WOW. Great capture of a beautiful photobomb. I thought of you all yesterday - wistfully and happily. Hugs♥♥


There's a toupee stuck in the bushes!


I love colorful autumn leaves. I also took pictures on a walk today. Thanks Suzy. Have a nice day !


I love your photo bomb Suzy! I also see two pink ears hiding in the green foliage near the right bottom!


It is a rather stunning photo bomb Suzy, but the fabulous autumn colours beat it I reckon! Have a great week. ☺


Cape Cod, is offering up some delightful Fall colours, love them, Thanks, Suzy.
Sounds like you are enjoying yourself, have fun.


The nerve of that bird! Seems photo bombing has done the rounds of the birds via twitter :-) Just be glad emus and ostriches don't fly!

Magnificent Fall colours, a treat for the eyes. Thanks, Suzy :-)

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