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Boji Stones | Female, Male

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These stones are said to be among the oldest on Earth, having been formed in the planet's earliest stages. They are attributed with healing and energy balancing abilities. The smoother, rounder stone, shown here on the left, is female and addresses Yin energies. The rougher, ridged stone is male and addresses Yang energies. They are also known as Kansas Pop Rocks.
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Being a beginner, I guess I will just only benefit from the physical aspect of qi. However, I know that with diligence and proper guidance, I will eventually be able to utilise it for healing.

Thank you ElvisBanana for the confirmation :-)


I'm glad for you!

When you find an instructor who truly knows and teaches Tai Chi deeply, you will find that your internal strength will increase. I'm talking about qi, but that's almost too broad. Qi is in everything, it animates the universe and gives structure to existence. So when I talk about internal strength, I do mean qi, but specifically the qi in your body and the nearby vicinity that you can utilize for your needs. It might be martial, and help you defeat a would-be mugger, or it might be for healing and allow you to treat an injury. It's not only good for exercise, but ultimately gives you powerful tools to make life better.


I knew all along that Tai Chi is an excellent form of meditation and exercise, however, I started to pursue it seriously only a few years ago. I am glad that I am now practising it daily :-)


Thank you, Jason.

I'm glad to hear you plan to stick with it. I've been doing it for about 25 years, and it still gives me new insights, teaching me new things all the time.


That is good news, ElvisBanana :-)

Tai Chi will be a lifetime learning and activity for me.


Thank you, Jason, for your kind words. My health has definitely improved, though there are still some lingering problems.

Keep up the Tai Chi! I am absolutely certain that Tai Chi and TCM have helped me tremendously. I don't think I'd even be up to doing online puzzles without them.


I hope that your health is much better than before, ElvisBanana.

I respect TCM.

Tai Chi and Tai Chi fan are my two favourite forms of exercises.

Thank goodness that puzzles in Jigidi are oriented correctly, otherwise, they will be harder to solve.

I have come across his puzzles and will take a look at them again.


Absolutely. Keeping Yin and Yang in balance is critical. I studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) until health problems of my own caused me to stop. I still have Chinese doctors, and practice Tai Chi - which also depends of proper balance of Yin and Yang.

I don't usually solve puzzles as big as you do, though I have done so on occasion.

One thing that makes me happy solving Jigidi puzzles is that the pieces are already oriented correctly! When solving an actual jigsaw puzzle, it can be somewhat meditative to handle the pieces and spin them around to test them out in all different positions. I don't think it would be as relaxing to do that online, so I'm definitely glad the pieces are already oriented properly.

What I really love about Jigidi is learning new things, and having conversations about them. If you haven't run across them already, I highly suggest looking at puzzles by Bill_I_Am ( Of course, it also depends on what kinds of things catch your interest, but Bill does a great job providing information about his puzzles. He makes quite a few space-oriented puzzles, but he also features Daily Overview puzzles, cartoons by John Atkinson, and lots of other subjects.


Balancing of Yin and Yang sounds wonderful to me.

When our yin and yang energy in our bodies are balanced we are in good health or at least, we have less health issues.

We do share the same approach to puzzle solving :-)

I do not rush to complete a puzzle as I find that to be stressful.

Puzzle solving is great - just keep on looking for the correct piece. Do not bother about the time that it takes to find it.

I solve small size puzzles so that I can take a good look at the painting/photo/illustration, etc. as such puzzles can be completed in a relatively short time.

My favourite size puzzle is 540 pieces. I solve these to increase my brain pathways. It seems to have worked for me. However, I require a lot of time to complete a 540 piece puzzle - more than one hour to a few hours for the complicated ones. They help me to build up my patience.


There's something very "earthy" about these stones that I find appealing. I also love that they come in female/male or yin/yang orientation. That gives them a quality that seems very relatable and familiar.

Although you're faster than I am, I think we take similar approaches to solving these puzzles. I, too. just look for things that interest me, and I don't pay much attention to the time. I just happened to notice your name at the top, and was/am pretty impressed. There are some puzzles where the top time is so fast, it's hard to believe a person can move that quickly. I don't even bother, and it sounds like you don't, either. Still, that 4:25 is pretty darn good! This puzzle is old enough, and your time is fast enough, you will likely remain on top of this leaderboard...


You are right, ElvisBanana, these Boji Stones do have a beauty of their own.

Their beauty is not the obvious beauty of the other crystals or stones.

I just happen to be lucky, till the speedy solvers arrive. I solve a puzzle because I like it and for relaxation, never for speed. Sometimes, I make it to the Leaderboard until the really fast solvers fill up all the slots at the LB. But, that is fine with me.


Jason, thanks for solving this puzzle** and leaving a comment. I agree about their power. I would also contend that they have a beauty of their own. They're a little bit like the proverbial ugly duckling who turned out to be a beautiful swan.

**Dang! Look at your time! Geez Louise, Jason, that's FAST! Not that I'm a speedster by any stretch of the imagination, but your time is less than half of mine!

For future readers, jasonchung2 was at the top of the leaderboard at the time I wrote this. His time of 4:25 was 18 seconds faster than the second-fastest time, and more than two minutes faster than the third-fastest time.


Thank you ElvisBanana for featuring a pair of Boji Stones.

I have a pair of them. They may not compare in terms of beauty and attractive colours as the other crystals that I have in my collection, however, their power is awesome :-))

Best regards, Jason.


Thanks for sharing, Cyndi. I have a pair, too, and I agree. They are quite powerful!


I have a pair of Boji Stones! Love them. Very powerful. TFP ~ Cyndi

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