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Crich Tramway Village.

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A fun day out and as many rides on an old tram as you want!
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  1. downsman4:09
  2. PHILMAYCH4:49
  3. manicpuzzler4:52
  4. scbrown5:19
  5. namgis5:27
  6. tialetplayer5:44
  7. haas905:45
  8. TRSOKC5:56
  9. Harno6:03
  10. mtomlins6:14


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Lovely old tram. Would have been a wee bit cold travelling on that during the winter!

Hi Sweetmarlene. Sorry have only just seen your post! The Tramway Village is a museum of old trams that used to run in the UK. It's at Matlock Bath in Derbyshire UK. Yes mtomlins you're right. The tram in the picture used to run on Blackpool seafront. It's one of two they have at Crich, the other is a double deck tram. The museum is run by volunteers and has been going since the 1960s and the displays show the history of the tram and how new tramways are being installed in the UK today. They have about 20 trams which are still capable of running and they run them in turn at the museum. In the workshop you can see how they repair and rebuild the trams. This is the website address if you would like to find out more

Looks like a Blackpool tram. We used to call the open ones toastrack trams.


Hello dollydots, Put Me Down For 10 Rides, I Love Old Trams & All Forms Of Transport, Old Or New. That Sure Is Something Different, What Country Is It Operating In ? I Live In Queensland = Australia. All The Best. Marlene.

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