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  1. pomme10414:41
  2. Sexy14:44
  3. rubyparadise15:16
  4. redwine73116:58
  5. huet19:02
  6. Susieboozie19:25
  7. Camelot19:40
  8. ssefjg20:27
  9. irjeni20:46
  10. monicaarmintrout20:48


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Most fun to work was top center. Most appealing to view, center.


I've only been there a couple of time, both times in the south, but I love your weather.


Hi davie, well I live in England and Randomworship lives in Australia different timescales. She is usually just winding down when I get up but our clocks went back today so I got up an hour later, and what's more I enjoyed it. Glad you like our mosaics thank you


I'm starting to think Randomworship and Juneshone are sisters . When one posts a puzzle, the other is never far behind. And they are always such beautiful mosaics that are a joy to work. Thank you both for bringing such pleasure into our lives. (Top left today.)


good morning seagull thank you, thank goodness for colours they are all lovely


kirsten, i think those are acorns with smiley eyes. it's the faces in the upper right who don't look so happy. june - this is a masterpiece of colors.


thank you grammylis glad you liked it

I like the center one today. Thanks for the brght and cheery puzzle today!


Hi Gail and Anne thank you, happy to be cheery


Very bright and cheerful June. I really enjoyed the frilly skirt at top centre in the darkest purple. Thanks.


I love this bright cheery one! Thank you, June.


oh no not the big eyed critters. Top left for me today, could use some brightness here it's very cold today


Top and bottom left for me today, June. I must be in the mood for bright!! And I'm also having an Ardy moment - 'cos I can see purple hatted, big blue-eyed critters peering over the rim of the bottom left! Thanks for the brightness and the fun. :)))

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