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Goofie: Can't believe you pulled this on me once again....!

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Here he is just out of his cat carrier back from the V.E.T.'s.
His blood is tested again today. Thanks to his special diet and medicine the creatinine- and Ureum value have lowered in one month time!
Ureum value even from 14.(?) to 11.8!!!!
Hopefully it will lower even more or at least stay stable. The V.E.T. was very pleased with the results.
We have to continue what we're doing and if all goes well (I have to keep a close eye on him of course!) he will be tested in September again when he's for his Annual check up and vaccination!
His weight was 4,65 kilo last time and today it was 4,72 kilo!!!! Not much but at least no more weight loss since 1.March..
All in all, very positive news.....
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I throw whiska's temptations into the carrier- making sure Joey sees me doing it- then i set the thing on the floor and wait. He can't resist - it's kitty crack! works every time.
AND now that i said that, now it won't! lol


I read your story of getting Goofie in to the cat carrier. I help my friend Kay get her cat into the carrier when she needs it. We sometimes get little wounds.


I am so glad he is responding to his treatment. It is very good news.


Hi all, it's heartwarming how you all care so much for Goofie.
He has forgiven us for yesterday and he is his loving self again☺☺
Thank you for telling your stories about your kitties I love it.♥


☺♥☺ Alle katten lijken wat dat betreft waarschijnlijk wel een beetje op elkaar. Ik kreeg Maja ook nauwelijks in de mand en kwam er meestal niet zonder kleerscheuren af, klein als ze was!!! Maar na het onderzoek, als de mand op tafel kwam wist ze niet hoe gauw ze in die mand moest komen, en ze kroop er meteen helemaal achterin en zette zich schrap, zo van : mij krijg je hier niet meer uit voordat we thuis zijn!!!!! En dat duurde dan meestal nog even want ik had geen lieve vriend die voor me reed. Ik moest op de bus wachten die maar eens per half uur kwam en soms had ik pech, en dan een stukje bussen en een stukje lopen. Thuis zette ik meteen in de gang de mand op de grond en maakte het deurtje los (kreeg daar nauwelijks de kans voor omdat ze er tegenaan stond te duwen☺) en dan spurtte ze meteen de kamer in, door naar de (open) keuken en meteen water drinken en een hapje eten☺♥


Oh Impie! I laughed to tears at your report regarding the procedure of "going to the V.E.T". It was as if I wrote it (as a story of personal experience with my cats), except of your impressive sense of humor. Thanks!!
Hopefully things with Goofie will move to the better, and he will contionue to live in piece and quiet, at home, and in his garden, being so loved by all.


Our cat was the same - he picked up on those vet vibes every time. Very happy to hear Goofie is doing so well Impie :-)


Hooray for Goofie! I send you gold stars and lots of healthy hugs.


Hi Goofie my mum has just told me your news, I'm so happy for you. I know we cats don't really like change but I am so impressed that you are eating your new food, you are such a good boy. Sweet dreamy dreams tonight sweetheart. Love Milly ♥♥ + ♥ from Willow


Hurra, hurra - Gismo Bro (I should loose some weight, I would share my tummy...)! Hugs, Jimmy


Impie, what wonderful news. You must feel so much more relaxed now after getting such a good result. What a huge relief. Even though you do your utmost to appear calm, isn't it funny how cats pick up on the vibes and know exactly what is going on. They have an absolute sixth sense about it. I am really happy for you, Big Bro and of course Goofie himself. Well done. ♥☺♥


I know that of disbelief that you could do such a thing!!!!!!

My cat carrying case is a wicker hamper, just like a picnic basket. The whole top opens. For my dear kitties, I learned to put it up on the dining table, out of their line of sight, when they were other places...and just leave it there all opened up for the moment of truth, sometimes overnight. Near the appointed hour which was made at a time when they would usually “be around” and coming to see me, perhaps for a meal, I would talk to them, make no move other than to pet them....and then scoop whoever was going and just plop him or her right in the basket before they knew what was happening.... You have to be quick, for sure.....and I’d hold them straight out, from the back, at arms length. I did come away with battle scars from time to time, but I became fairly proficient after a long time. Robin Elizabeth lived to be 19 1/2.....Hero Marcus James didn’t do as well, but he came to me with problems when he was about 10 and I had him about 5 years. I miss them both sorely.


Impie, glad to hear Goofie is doing better. We have a heck of a time getting our cats into the carriers, also. One seems to magically disappear every time we try. He hides in the basement and there is no way to get him from the rafters. We finally had to have a house call and I locked him in the bathroom - even then, he almost got away. They do indeed sense when something is up.


I thought it was going to be "Look, a fly!" again. ;) I had heard that overall time scores on Jigidi were way down, because so many people were trying to solve puzzles with their fingers crossed for Goofie. Thanks for the good news. :)) (I'm not at all surprised that he knows the difference between going out & going home!)


Thank you all for your lovely comments and thanks everyone for keeping your fingers crossed for him that the test would show improvement! ♥♥

It's always rather stressfull to get him to the vet. In the past my hubby and I 'did the job' together but I don't drive and I don't have a car anymore either, I'm depending on others. After I made an appointment with the vet I have to cross agenda with my best friend's husband who always drives me to and from the Vet's. They live at the other side of our town and when he arrives he parks his car in front of my house and calls me on his cell phone he's here...he's aware he mustn't ring the doorbell!☺☺ The morning of the appointment I always have to barricade the hiding places in the loft. I also can't help myself I seem to always send nervous vibes and he's watching me like a hawk all the time. When I got 'the call' I approached Goofie but he ran to the loft! Thank goodness my son was at home and he could catch him so I had to 'fly' to the loft with his carrier and together we managed to get him into it....but this time not without both getting (little) wounds from hooking his nails into our arms it also seemed he had more legs than usual☺☺ O well, all for the sake of love...At the Vet's he's the perfect patient -the Vet said so- and after he's finished she puts his carrier on the table and he walked staight into it!!!
Keeping my fingers crossed he will keep doing ok and that he's forgotten all about this in September. Twice within one month is just too much for my poor boy!!!
Hopefully the weather improves so he can make a lot of strolls in his favourite garden....♥


With all your fans I am glad to sahre the good news.

I'm so glad to hear that the V.E.T. gave you good news. We want to see your bright shiny face for a long time to come.

Oh that's great news! Well done both of you.

Be healthy and live long, Goofie!


Goofie - you are looking handsome - keep up the good work, we are looking forward to your special garden tours again this year. ♥


Impie we're really pleased for you and Goofie. May he continue to be healthy for many years to come. Love Tisket & tisketsmum xx


Agreed! now we all don't have to worry so much with your mum!
Looking great, Goofie!!


Such good news! I'm so glad. Now Mum doesn't have to worry quite so much! ❤️❤️❤️


That is fantastic news Goofie, well done for sticking to your new diet ♥ I bet your mum and big bro are pleased too ♥♥♥


Gefeliciteerd Goofie!!!!! Dat is héél goed nieuws! En gelukkig hoef je nou pas weer in september (als je je goed gedraagt)♥♥♥


Oh Goofie, baby - you do look a bit offended - but what great news! You're a very, very good boy to take your medicine and eat your special food. It means that your Mum, Big Bruv (and the rest of us) don't have to worry (quite as much...).


hallelujah....he is looking as handsome as ever....good job!!!!

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