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Bloomin’ poppies, Tasmania

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The Tasmanian opium poppy farming industry was established in 1966. Farms in Tasmania produce about 50% of the world's (legal) poppy straw that is later refined into opiates such as morphine and codeine. Tasmanian Alkaloids is Tasmania's largest corporate grower of opium poppies.
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Good, if searching is calming, then do so.

:::slightly placated, Hoff continues the search:::

Calmly, I will help you clean up after. No one will harm you.

:::trembling slightly, Hoff continues to check boxes whilst taking furtive glances skyward:::

Don't be. I will not harm you.

:::a bit scared, Hoff keeps looking:::

Your friend.

:::looking upward:::


I am here Hoff.

:::thinking he heard something, Hoff stops and looks about:::

Don't open everything. If the box was not open the keys are not in there,

Maybe they are in the rest of these boxes.

:::begins opening more boxes:::

Maybe that is a good thing then.

Don't know where they are..........

Leave your keys where they are.

Wow, cool colors.



:::boxes break open and Hoff consumes a motherload:::

:::white poppies, carefully packed in individual boxes, come raining down on Compound. Hoff dives for cover:::


I have not seen a Trebuchet in a long time !!!

:::donning protective sumo suit and waiting:::


:::loading the trebuchet with white poppies:::

we need the potent poppies.


Not all poppies are equally potent.


Don't think I've ever seen WHITE poppies.


A day trip would be nice, I think I'll go.


It seems to be easily accessable, that sign won't stop the squirrels.

My favorite flower.

You were warned.


I grow poppies but just for fun, purple, yellow and red ones.



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