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30 pieces
88 solves
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Hi there…It’s me Findus😺

Are you ready for a New Adventure and if so reply with your comment😺
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  1. grimric1:06
  2. JillianB1:09
  3. Hibari18271:12
  4. JHZ1:15
  5. dobrajaneckova1:16
  6. gerdje171:19
  7. alias2v1:23
  8. fox661l1:24
  9. mble1119111:25
  10. Nette1:27


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Thanks so much Fiona❣️😺❣️


@Kossamu, I'm looking forward to them!


Thanks so much srchfor😺 It’s nice to be back with our friends and I’ll post 3X per week ❣️ Enjoy the adventure and I’ll comment on your comment when time admit 😺

Oh yes, welcome back! Can't wait to see what Pettson and Findus will be up to next.


Barb..and we are ready😺


Ready, Findus and Eva.


Well Findus, there you have it…Your fans wants you back meaning let’s get to work😺

Pettson and Findus will be seeing you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays❣️😺❣️

Thank you Hemi, bearlypen, Merrie, Jill, Janet, Dobra (He might just be admiring them), Ed, Gerdje, scottiemom and Fiona❣️❤️❣️


Oh, yes please!

scottiemom; CAn't wait!

Hi Findus ! Its me , Gerdje ! I am sooo happy to see you again ! And you are looking so happy , that makes me happy ! ... Eva , a lot of thanks and so good to see you again !

Cute little guy.

Cute little guy.


I thought Findus was looking at your flower gallery! :-)


Oh yes please! Thanks and hugs Eva. ♥♥


Thanks for dropping in Findus 😊 look forward to seeing more of your adventures

Who could resist such an eager face like that? Not me! Of course I will join you for an adventure, Findus!

Oh yeah Findus is back. Looking forward to more Fun.


Hi Findus, so good to see your happy face today. What are you up to today?

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