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Ank- Thanks so much Ank, I've always loved pics with both mommies and babies! Big hugs! :-)))

Ardy- Hello dearest Ardy, gosh I sure hope your friend the band director is o.k. and that your able to reach her soon! I still need to go in for another sleep test before they decide which CPAP machine their going to have me use, apparently there are two different kinds to choose from! There's the one that covers the mouth and the nose and then the other one that covers only the nose! I do hope they decide on the latter as it doesn't look quite as uncomfortable. As far as my pain management goes, I'm hoping that the yoga helps so that I won't have to try any of the opiates! I'd rather stay away from those if I can help it. Hope your weekend was lots of fun, have a blessed Monday my good friend! And, thank you very much for your continued prayers and support! It is most appreciated! God bless and keep you safe always! Big hugs in return! xxx

Lyndee- Thanks so much Lyndee! :-)))

Ann- Hello to you my dearest frieind, I've truly missed hearing from you! How are you feeling these days? Yes, I do agree with you, we've each had way more than our share of pain and suffering! I do hope that Bent & Hanne sends in a photo puzzle of these two figurines that you sent to them, they sound exquisit! I would LOVE to put together a puzzle of them! I've always loved unicorns! Big hugs and kisses... xxx


Hello Monica. Glad to see that you are doing better. We both have had more than our share, haven't we?
I sent Hanne's new granddaughter, Luna, a pair of figurines of a young girl dancing in the light of the Moon (who is also 'Lune') with a very young Unisus II, her companion & lifelong guardian. Perhaps some day Bent & Hanne will give us a photo puzzle of them..............


Nice picture Monica.


Sweet picture, Monica, dear. The mother love in her eye shines through. Thank you. I don't know how long my friend used the CPAP before she got used to it. She was the band director at our school for the past three years but isn't there this year. I haven't been able to contact her although I've tried. If I ever do catch up with her I'll ask. She didn't act like it was any problem at all. I think it was comforting to her to be able to breathe through the night that she considered it a blessing. She even would put it on for a short nap. Have you tried it yet? Maybe it won't be as bad as it looks. I admit it does look quite startling. She wouldn't even think of going to bed without it. I do hope you can find something acceptable to you for pain control. One's quality of life seems so much better when not dealing with chronic and/or severe pain. Have a blessed day, my friend. My prayers are with you. Hugs.


Lovely Monica, it's a beautiful photo. I like it :-)))

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