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A few Kaleidos which I thought were good enough to publsh,
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I'm doing well, Magda. I'm glad that your absence meant you are busy, not ill.


Yes Gail, sorry, really thnk a lot about you. Life here in Pakistan is very bus, esp. now with the marriage of my granddaughter only 2 weeks away. Only yesterday thought of writing you a mail, asking you about your health, and then I forgot again. So nice of you to visit.I will contact you.


I love this one, Magda, especially the large one. I missed seeing you and wondered about what was happening. Glad to see you back:)


Thank you Barb. I am returning to the basics. will need to practice again.


Thanks for a lovely solve, Magda. This is my favourite of your 3 collages today. :-)


Thank you Kirsten I thought I restart with Kaleidos. Finally I found a way to make them less smudgy. But I will leave all the other puzzles for some time. I cannt leave it altogether, am much too much addicted. LOL


This one kept me on my toes, Magda! (❛ᴗ❛)

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