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Now I know what these towers are

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(See: for my original posting of one of these)

These towers were light posts on our former oredock. See:

The oredock had be torn down to its base a few years ago because the cement was spalling and would have been dangerous. Apparently people could purchase artifacts from the old dock.

Taken May 6, 2022
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I'll suggest that the next time we text each other.


(‘ ‿ ’)


They should stop in Washington on their way back, Parson!


Groan, Li. I just got a text from my second son and his wife who are in Rome tonight, going to France tomorrow, then on to Sicily on Tuesday, then 2 days in Greece. I hope they can get the Greece out of their clothes before they get on the airplane to come home.


It's a little Ionic, Parson, that this food is unclear to you.
Your original impression is correct, Mila. The gyros are in the little building, and the bus is for advertising, I believe. I think the house is totally separate from the business.
Parson, you have to make allowance for her; she hasn't been highered.


Does the lady on the tower get paid by the hour, Li?


So the bus is the take-out restaurant. I thought it was used for advertising and the gyros were in the building. Makes sense! Silly me. Apparently the gyros make business, Mr Denny has a big home.


That kind of food is Greek to me.

I guess that there are plenty of them.


It's a gyro take-out restaurant, Mila. I've never eaten any of their food.
It was fun to finally figure it out, Jillian.
My son in Chicago lives a block from a different Lake Shore Dr, too, Ianto.

I use to live on a Lake Shore Dr. But not this one.


Oh yay that’s good to know, mystery solved 😊


How awesome to have a red double decker around. And the lady looks creepy, it looks as if she was hung. They must be waiting on solving the crime. What kind of shop is it?


Maybe that was intentional, Parson! At least, it's an attention-getter.
Yes, she's forever at it, Parson! She'll probably never perfect her routine!
All the more to attract attention, Juba.


Mystery solved. I see Pink is practicing her stage show on this one.


Is the lady still hanging around there?


It looks [with the bus] like it was taken in England.


You're welcome, Sylvia. I saw one of these towers when I went out for lunch with a friend last week, and she told me what they were.


Oh, who would have known, great, you were able to find out. The lady hanging from the tower made me laugh! Going to study the link once I'm through with your puzzles. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, and I don't know if the shop owner ever moves it, MrDenny. It seems like it's always there.

An old London double decker bus there.

That it is.


It is nice, Ianto.

I like the house.

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