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Rainbows in the Dust

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Rainbows pop up over Saguaro National Park East, as the first major monsoon storm of the season begins to roll into the valley
Tucson, Ariz., July 11, 2020.\
Photo by Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star
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I'm a old dog who has learned some new tricks in the desert, Suzy, and am happy to pass that knowledge on.

The uplands of the Sonora Desert (where I live) has five seasons: Winter, Spring, Fore (or dry) Summer, Monsoon Summer, and Fall.

Winter (December - January) is considered the secondary rainy season The winter rains are generally not as intense as the monsoon season rains but are more widespread.

Spring (February - April). Warm and dry.

Fore (or Dry) Summer (May and June). Very hot and very dry.

Monsoon season (July - mid-September) Varied warm to hot with regional soaking rains. This is the primary growth season.

Fall (mid-September - November) Warm and dry.


Would these be frequent events this time of year?
Although a stunning photo, it is understandable why you would secure all loose objects (and palm trees if necessary) when the storm approaches.



Beekay, they call these summer storms "monsoons" for a very good reason. Thery are very treacherous and all sorts of weather warnings go out when they occur. I tend to batten down the hatches and pick up anything loose laying around outside. Jack's cousin lost one her palm trees to this particular monsoon.


Right place at the right time to catch such an amazing shot! But I don't think I would want to be out in that weather!
We were gifted with a bright double rainbow late yesterday afternoon☺


I agree, Cyndi. Am glad Kelly Presnell was there to grab the shot. I would have simply stood there in awe.


Breathtakingly beautiful. TFP ~ Cyndi

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