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Hello, Mom

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  1. Pappadok210:38
  2. valde210:40
  3. camron11:13
  4. teaqueen11:19
  5. ElizT11:44
  6. martian12:32
  7. blondie5414:06
  8. Ninja14:06
  9. juliewilhelminawagner14:12
  10. kekkek14:28


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Teaqueen, Mom has a lot of luggage lol. Thanks! :-D

Wow, Evie! I don't think I'd survive without being close to a city ... amazing!

Love the look on the husband's face - fun puzzle!


To accentuate how remote we are, we have one train each way a week through Amherst which is 57km from here. It comes from Montreal at 3:45 on Wednesday and the train going the other way is either a little earlier or a little later. Schedule is a little "iffy". The nearest airport is in Halifax 2 1/2 hours away by car. There is a bus station in Truro which 1 1/2 hours away. So not too much into picking people up around here. Cute puzzle though.

I'm sure they will. Thanks so much. You are always welcome! xoxo

Hope they will have an amazing life together! Each one will their own gift to the relationship. Fun puzzle to work. Thank you!

You're welcome, Redina! I always liked picking people up at airports and train stations.


A very pleasant picture. Thanks. :)

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