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We caught a big one!

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Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
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And she miss you.


Hey nostalgia - best wishes to Milena! I miss her!


Hello, many greetings from my mother Milena.


It's nice to have someone to travel with. A few years ago I was still traveling with my sister.
In these years I am fixing my house ... and so I have neither time nor money to travel. But I love my home ...


This was taken on my 2019 trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with my friend on the left. 3500 miles and a fantastic journey . . . we med Red in Nova Scotia, south of Halifax.


I'm the little old man on the right - Red, in the center, is my friend!


@spunky ... but you don't understand? The one in the middle !!!


Which one is you osersan? Just a little curious!


West coast bugs have tiny claws but still can tail cut you if you are sloppy holding them :-)


I stand humbled, AuntieGator!


As for someone who was born and raised on Cape Cod … that's the largest lobster I've ever seen...doesn't seem like it would be too tasty...hummmmm??? Little plastery tasting I would guess! In real life, though, I have seen one that was around 45 pounds. They had a 1-pounder next to its claw and it was dwarfed by it.


Not just a bit chewy?


Tasty, too!


Goodness!!! And it came all ready boiled! Sure beats Long Island Sound. 8-)

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