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"The Bridge to Nowhere"

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On the "John Muir Trail", near Dunbar is this bridge - it sits in the middle of a vast expanse of sand on a beach, straddling a small river. The unusual bit is that at high tide you'd need to wade several hundred yards to use it! For the eagle-eyed among you, that's the Bass Rock on the horizon. This is where the photo for my puzzle "Sand Pattern Challenge" was taken.

As always, I try to find an alternative take on 'well-known' landmarks, as there are already so many images of them out there that I just can't compete with, or improve on the "chocolate-box" pictures.

Here's what it really looks like -
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Cobo Chippy is the BEST! But a world away from Dunbar.


@solidrock5806 - Hahaha! I'm sure there'd be someone willing to row out to you from the Dunbar Chippy! ;)


@Puzzelka - Thanks for your comment, just remember to time your visit with low tide when you come ... or make sure it's a warm day so that you can paddle out to it! :D


@nanlein - thanks for that ... and thanks too for your community spirit in delivering Meals on Wheels, such a worthwhile and needed service; often as much for the 'human contact' (even in these contactless times!), as for the food itself!


Very helpful if you get stuck by hightide ----- though no pizza-service.....


Beautiful picture. Thanks for the puzzle and travel inspiration - one day I'd like to walk over this bridge :)


Don't have time right now - this is the morning we deliver Meals on Wheels. But I looked at the link - fascinating! and look forward to solving later today. thanks, Tom!


@AireBear1 - Thanks for the comment and solve! Geocaching is something I've thought about doing often, but never actually started yet! My son used to and took me with him one day on a walk from Crichton Castle to Borthwick Castle - great fun!


Glad you like it, @solidrock5806 :) It's a really beautiful walk along that stretch of coastline.

I have stood on this bridge! There is also a geocache attached to it.


Thanks for sharing -- and the link! :0)

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