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Megarhyssa macruvus

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60 pieces
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And she doesn't sting!
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  1. hvnbnd3:22
  2. miritzi4:26
  3. alias2v5:07
  4. HelaSv5:13
  5. susie385:19
  6. hrlogue5:36
  7. esterormeno6:04
  8. CWGUY6:53
  9. Conductor27:14


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Thank you so much John. A lot of people will be happy you did this and please tell your Grandson Thank You for us also.


Hello Susan the flower looks like one of the Mallow plants the picture is not clear enough to say which one hope this helps information came from my Grand son


Hey kiddo I have a snake in my back yard would you come take it and put it in my fish pond. You didn't say anything about your husband, why? I can still run, but don't like too.


You din't comment about your husband, is he upset or are you just not saying, also why are you keeping a dead wasp? I am a big flirt and everyone who knows me knows that. Lets be JIGIDI friends, oh yes your husband also, even if he don't think I 'm much anyway. You see I am a big loser anyway. Yeah!!!!!!


I have not done this puzzle as yet, but will when I am finished with breakfast. With your very good smile is very nice. I get remarks on my smile, so I just wanted to let you know yours is breathteking/ Now if you are married tell your husband I don't care if he don't like it or not, he can't do much about it anyway. Now I am done eating, so here goes. Sure a lot of glass. LOL

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