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Does my - tail - look good in this?

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  1. Ianto0:14
  2. vfdl470:14
  3. mapletree0:14
  4. mickb0:14
  5. thebetterhalf0:15
  6. biscottino0:15
  7. Jumble0:16
  8. lyndee0:16
  9. Judywill0:17
  10. snackerdoo0:17


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Oh that's a real disaster! I'm hoping to get a few of rescue hens in a year or so - at them moment it says we can't keep chickens but I would define them as 'pets' - not sure what Sid and the girls would make of them!


Gorgeous! Saw some roaming in a field when out for a drive on Bank Hol Monday - an unusual sight these days. I love them - we used to raise them from chicks when I was little. I had my own two bantam hens and a bantam cockerel - he was easier to handle than the evil-eyed cockerel we had who kept our 24 hens in line! It used to be my job to collect the eggs. I thought it would be a great idea (and much quicker) to collect them wearing my roller skates one day - you can guess the outcome! I had to get next door's dog to lick up the evidence! I was angry with myself because I kept a tally of how many eggs I collected in one day, and that day would have been the most all year - I couldn't tell my mother that or I'd have had to admit to ones I dropped!


'What's the Use?' - Ogden Nash

"Sure, deck your limbs in pants;
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
You look divine as you advance --
Have you seen yourself retreating? "

JM that's something I'd be chicken to say


You look beautiful dear... would you like a glass of wine?

looks fowl


naughty diplomatic response!




You know that's a loaded question??? The only correct answer is to say "yes".


Certainly better than mine!



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