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Theme: Staircases : No thanks, I'll just take the, uh, never mind.

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  1. bea680:21
  2. StanDandy0:23
  3. evep0:27
  4. like921150:31
  5. grum0:31
  6. javasage0:32
  7. snooker0:33
  8. nela090:34
  9. shirley680:36
  10. PLG19580:37


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I'm old fashion, I perfer to see the supports,Thanks potatomum.


PLG, Gramd, snooks, whizb, and TrudyT - it's nice to know I'm in such good company!! Besides claw marks, I'd probably leave front teeth marks as well!
On the other hand, wht a great place for someone with cats!!

Pets, I agree with you about paint and talent, but these are real. Their Spanish designer Jordi Vayreda says they'll support 440 lbs weight. (No word on how tall a 440 lb human would have to be to fit on them width-wise, thought!) According to Vayreda: ?Steel is the material which we use to construct the staircases, 100 mm thick and each of them is welded to a 250 mm thick beam."


I'm pretty courageous but these stairs would make me nervous. I agree with snooker.... claw marks on the walls! LOL


i wonder if that is an optical illusion. by using paint and talent anything can look real. amazing.

Wouldn't want to be sitting underneath when that skinny stair breaks!

Not on your best day. Would have claw marks all over the wall. :)

I love the floating staircases, but I'd need a floating armrail to go with it!


Wow, this is wild. I can't imagine it would pass all the safety codes!!! Thanks, Potatomum!

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