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My Hydrangea

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This may not look like much, but this flower has bloomed on a transplant from a larger plant that I had to take out a couple of years ago. It hadn't bloomed for some years either, and I had high hopes this one would. After two years of no flowers, this Spring I was excited to see leaves on the old wood! When this bloom appeared though, it was on the new wood! There is only one other smaller flower on this bush, but I have hopes for more next year. These plants are a real mystery to me! I keep looking up how to prune them, etc. but not much success so far. Any advice is much appreciated! Have a great week end, everyone!☺☺
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Thanks Calluna. At least I have hope for next year!! ☺☺


Lovely flower, GG! Mine also has the new growth/flowers on old wood. Pruned it late last year, after the last of the blossoms had faded. Lots of new growth and the first big flowers. Good luck unravelling the mystery. 😊


You're welcome, GG. I hope you'll find good advice! ☺


Thank you for your suggestion and for sharing your experience with your Hydrangea, Impie! I'll keep trying! ☺☺☺


Thank you Augsburgbaby and Carolsmc for stopping by! I appreciate your comments!


It's beautiful, GG and I like this soft colour. You could google how to prune a Hydrangea. You can check on the site which kind yours is and there you can also find how and when you can prune it.

Mine is the kind that blooms on "old wood" and if you'll prune it, it will skip a bloom to next year. Or so it says. Well....this Spring I've pruned it good as it got too high and wide and was prepared to live without one year of blooms. Ha....the plant has grown back as high as it was before pruning and blooms! :-)))


A beautiful hydrangea blossom! I have no advice, other than that you could possibly consult your cooperative extension service if you're in the USA.

This sure is pretty! I wish I could make a suggestion to help you, but unfortunately I don't have a green thumb at all and very little knowledge about flowers. I just enjoy beautiful things in nature! :-)

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