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Ask me how much fun did I have yesterday :))

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A bull Elk at the Elk and Bison Prairie in Golden Pond, KY
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. . Thank you Marina :)


Beautiful animal! Thanks for the photo.


Thank you😃
I think they look majestic too!
Have a good rest of the weekend . .


A majestic and beautiful animal, thank you Tg.


Thanks Suzy, it’s going to be fun !


Look forward to hearing what your route is, Tea. Happy planning. :))


Good morning Linda, thank you, I liked the Elk too! The males are so majestic with their enormous racks!
The next trip will be a drive up to Minnesota to deliver Christmas presents, but waiting till the first week or so of March, because of their weather. Then a month or two later will “go exploring” on our big road trip :) The Great Plains is such a massive area, we still haven’t narrowed down the route, not yet. Definitely getting to visit the Southern end of South Dakota. I think last week I counted 9 or 10 states will be traveling thru the corners of :) When the plans have finally been settled, I’ll be excited to tell you about the states :))
Have a good Wednesday . .


Hi Tea.. What a perfect shot of this magnificent Elk. What states do you plan to visit? I can tell how excited you are to get going. You are finally getting away on your road trip soon. So happy for you both. Linda


Hello Val :)
Nice to hear from you, I’m glad you liked the photo!
Yes, I’m beyond excited about our Big Trip :)
Have a good rest of the week . .


Tea what a great photo and an excellent idea to have a short practice run before your longer trip. Look forward to those photos ☺


Thank you Suzy, you and I will keep in touch since our routes will cross paths occasionally :)


OH TEA!!! I am SO very happy and excited for you going on your Road Trip!! This is a simply fine way to begin your adventure. ;)))) Looking forward to your photos of the vast prairies and having you share your excitement every step of the way. :))))

Yes, September for us. We dare not leave the house in the winter for long periods of time. ;((
Happy adventures to you!!!


More FUN than I’ve had in a long time, lol :) You asked a few days ago about my road trip coming up. We’re going to see a few states of The Great Plains, the trip yesterday was a short drive from home and was a pre-amble to getting to see Bison in the vast prairies in northern / midwest states on our vacation . . I’m getting excited :) Suzy, is your road trip in September?
Thanks for working the puzzle and have a good evening!


How much fun did you have yesterday, Tea???


Thank you Jacki !


I’m smiling, yesterday’s fun was just what I needed:)
Thanks for doing the puzzle!


WOW! Fabulous Tea! Thanks for sharing


That’s one impressive fella. Great thanks Tea - by the way “How much fun did you have yesterday?”


Hello Donna, yes they’re beautiful animals! They look like a combination of: deer, camel, cows and antelopes, lol :) Your state has them too, is that right? Elks aren’t native to this area (maybe in the past), these were brought to KY from Canada, for the reason they get along fine with Bison and they’re good for the eco system :)


What a beautiful animal. It's so great that they have this preserve to flourish in. Thanks for this one, too.


G’afternoon to you :) Thank you Lorna, he is a handsome fella! I took so many, many pictures, for the reason I had to wait patiently for them to pick their heads up from grazing. This one decided to pose for the tourists :) Have a great Monday!


Good morning Tea! Well, I rather suspect you had a LOT of fun yesterday! This is a beautiful photo of a magnificent fellow, thank you. ☺

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