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Good Morning Thought

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  1. mamere0:06
  2. like921150:06
  3. sonny0:07
  4. mesecinka0:08
  5. stephen0:08
  6. monza0060:08
  7. marunka2770:08
  8. david065200:10
  9. iri880:10
  10. CelesteH0:10


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I love that comment. Isn't it just like a kid.Than you monza006


or a butter knife... see comment below!!


Oh no not you too Celeste.


guilty of that as well


You are so right thanks Jacques


or you've lost your tongue .................


Thanks Patti it sure is good advice.


Great advice!


Jan (JiggyBelle) You had to be a kid when you did that I hope.
Francine Glad you got your chuckle for the day.
David Sorry about your luck (still giggling). I know how kids do. Thanks
Jan (bradjan)and Mimi I can't help but David's story was funny even though at the time it sure wasn't. But I think it might have been quite a few years ago and he sure learned his lesson.


Now that's real wisdom! David I am squeamish so i really did take your advice and and skipped your comment. Whatever it was I hope it turned out OK


David... gosh that terrible.


Squeamish people don't keep reading ---

When we were little my little sister had some friends over to the house and decided to show them how our Corningware was unbreakable. She took a dinner plate and hurled it at the kitchen floor. It shattered into a gazillion million little shards of broken glass that got everwhere. Not to be outdone, I was showing her how steak knives and butter knives were different: "You can't cut yourself with a butter knife..." I said, as I sliced the tip of my left index finger right to the bone with a butter knife... The white line is still there many years later to remind me what kind of trouble a know-it-all can do to himself!


Pat, thanks for the chuckle..:)


Having done that, I would completely agree! LOL


Have a great day Morris Good morning


But a butter knife is OK! Have a good one, Pat!


Good morning Ardy never had the urge to do it. Have a great day. HUGS


Good morning, Pat. Don't know that I've ever even been tempted but good advice - just in case. Thank you. Hope you can have a good day. Hugs.


Thanks jcarroll and good morning
Good afternoon Sissy thanks
Both of you have a good day


Good morning dear Sister. The start of a new day. I hope it will be a nice day. We started with sun but now there is coming more and more fog. Pity
I agree, I never lick any knife. I just love my tongue.

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