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remember some of these?

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these images from a google search for "candy". some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. alib3510:28
  2. lordmojo15:23
  3. Pooka16:30
  4. ItsMeMarth18:37
  5. katai19:34
  6. kathy5519:48
  7. Kiwi220:04
  8. mtols1321:05
  9. heatherjane21:58
  10. Cindy022:02


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wow, great history meadowanne, i enjoy reading about people's histories


Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. In my hometown we had a general store with beveled glass and oak display cases, one of which was for the candy. Penny candy (Pixie Stix, bubble gum, red & black licorice, Smarties) on the bottom, nickel candy (Sugar Babies, Junior Mints, Pom Poms, Neccos, Tootsie Rolls, Bit O'Honey) on the center shelf, and dime candies on the top shelf (Mounds, Almond Joy, Rocky Road, Mountain Bars, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth). My grandmother worked there for a couple of years and then my mom took her place for nearly ten years. They also had a real soda fountain. That was the hangout for teens to listen to the juke box. It was there for at least 50 years & is now a steak house.


thanks everyone. i wonder if the popeye sticks were/are canadian? i liked them because i felt so grown up

Thank you


I remember all, except the Popeye sticks, and the bottom left. Super puzzle. Thanks. :)


We sure had quite a few of those as well here in the Netherlands. Loved the Bazooka's and the Treets. Fun seeing it again Ruth, thanks!!!! Be well. :)

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