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The Capitol

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Dougga, Tunisia
The Capitol is a Roman temple from the 2nd century, principally dedicated to Rome’s protective triad: Jupiter Best and Greatest (Jupiter Optimus Maximus), Juno the Queen (Juno Regina), and Minerva the August (Minerva Augusta). It has a secondary dedication to the wellbeing of the emperors Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius; judging by this reference, the Capitol must have been completed in AD 166-167.
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These edifices thrill me - to still see the grandeur, the workings of Rome from two-thousand years ago. And of course our government buildings and learning institutions imitate this style of architecture. Like you @GeorgiaKayaker , I imagine myself to be able to walk those streets of Imperial Rome to see its glory for myself. Let's build a time machine and learn Latin. We'll need lots of silver denarii to bribe soldiers and officials Thank you, @mixa207 , for this puzzle.


A masterpiece. If only I could turn back time to see these wonderful engineering designs being constructed.
Thanks for the puzzle.

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