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Tornado warning readiness

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It's 1AM and we're sitting here in our little cubby hole room waiting after a tornado warning. It hit in Alabama and from what I read so far it's done a lot of damage. I normally don't get worried over this stuff but Lulu is nervous and whining a lot where the weather doesn't usually bother her. I guess going back to sleep isn't happening now. Got a flashlight and some candles ready, power will probably go out.


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Good for you, Duine! I think you'll love the information you'll learn. :o)


I'm happy to hear all went relatively well and you all survived unscathed!


Found a hard cover copy with shipping for $7.98 on Amazon. Not a bad deal for out of print.


I love reading too. I'll search and see what I come up with. Thanks for the suggestion.


If you enjoy a really helpful and well-written book, go on eBay or Amazon and get a copy of "Understanding Your Dog" by Dr. Michael Fox, DVM. It's out of print, but easy to get a copy of. Worth its weight in gold. He's a world famous authority on wolves and dog behavior. His writing style is very clear and makes all the sense in the world. Enjoy!


We are safe. Power went out but it does that often in storms here, usually just me and not the rest of the street. One small tree from the house behind me fell over the fence, the roof leaked which it only does if the wind blows from west to east. Pretty sure there wasn't anything serious close by, just trees down, but some lost roofs off their houses.

Lulu was fine after awhile, the only thing I did was give her the stuffed dog and made sure she got water every now and then. She even went back to her crate about 5am, on her own. Once she was asleep I went back to bed.

No problem, PD, I appreciate input as Lulu is different than dogs I've had before. I'm always researching and comparing what I find on sites. Usually she was fine with thunder, rain and occasional wind. I sometimes took her out to the front porch so she could watch it. Guess we're expecting more of the same for the rest of the week. Thank you all for your comments too. (:


I hope all is well now. Remember that the worst thing you can do with a frightened dog is to coddle them, like, "It's okay, Lulu. You're a good girl!" This translates in the dog's mind to "You're GOOD for being frightened." If she gets like this again, instead of praising her, try to make a game out of it. Tease her a little and pretend that all is well. Forgive me for giving advice, but dog psychology has fascinated me for years, and I've taught Obedience classes since 1982. The look in her eyes caught my attention.


Good Luck! Listen to Lulu.


Be safe. Praying for you †