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🎨🖌️ Gallery in the Chateau 🖌️🎨

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Part of the Hluboká Chateau complex in the south of the Czech Republic is the former riding school for horses, which has been transformed into an art gallery. In addition to contemporary art, a collection of paintings by Flemish painters from the 17th and 18th centuries is on display here.
With these photos I wanted to show the interior of the gallery but mainly the fact, how remarkable the building and wood carvings were used as a riding school for horses.
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Jerry, I've been there too, a long time ago. These photos reminded me of that moment and I am very glad that we have the same experience, it was very unique ♥:))


@Deanna We have visited the Viennese Academy as horses were being drilled. Marvelous experience. SSSW


Dobra, thank you for your opinion, and I quite agree with it. The levitating objects are strange, and I understood it as an artistic intention of the gallery, even though their connection with the style of the building is a bit "incompatible". I don't know if it's a permanent part of the exhibition ♥:))


Jerrry, thank you for coming to see that interesting building, you wrote it exactly. The space is generous as the gallery, but I think the original purpose for the riding school was perfect. Our ancestors had a great feeling but also the means to create such a beautiful connection. A similar beautiful space is in the Hofburg Castle in Vienna, which still serves its original purpose ♥:))


Yes Iri, we have already visited a lot of beautiful places and I have a lot of photos, I will give them gradually ♥:))


Great craftsmanship! It seems to me that the floating exhibited object is almost an insult to such a noble space!


@Deanna What a spectacular environment in which to school horses, and now to introduce visitors to fine art. These riding academies were quite fantastic for utilitarian purposes! Thanks for the tour today. SSSW


At least you could travel together. It's not that far from you. So you saw Moravia and Bohemia ☺You also have a lot of beautiful places to visit.


Iri, I was there with my daughter last summer thanks to the fact that because of Covid she "froze" for a long time during her science research internship at the University of Brno. We had the opportunity to make interesting trips ... and I was so close. It is a pity. You live in a beautiful region ♥:))


Dear Dasa, thank you for visiting various places of this beautiful castle with me, this is the end of our tour, I still have some night photos, but that would be too much. We will go somewhere else and leave another visit here for later. Enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday, I look forward to meeting you on the next trip (virtual), hopefully, it will be pleasant as well. Take care, my friend ♥:))


Hi Dea, thank you for the nice interior of Hluboká nad Vltavou ☺ It is not far from us and it is my favorite castle ☺ I also like its surroundings and gardens. Have a nice evening ♥

Dear Deanna, I have to say that those horses had a really beautiful riding school. And today it is well used. Such a visit to the castle will meet more expectations. Thanks for the amazing photos. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, I hope it's with you too. So enjoy a wonderful Sunday and take care, my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. ♥♥♥


Jill, I think it's admirable how carefully they used to build "ordinary" outbuildings. They trained horses there and made such windows in that building! You described it perfectly, thank you ♥:))


This photo shows us so well the intricate and beautiful carvings and windows. The building is a work of art all by itself.

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