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White-Crowned Sparrow

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Here's the same or a different one closer and in the sun, after the snow stopped and some of it had melted.
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Actually, I don't know that they've been much affected. Looking back at some of my pictures, I have the W-C sparrows arriving around 5/6/2014, 5/6/2015, 5/2/2016, 5/8/2017, 5/4/2018, and 5/8/2019. The birds I haven't seen so far are hummingbirds and orioles. The Phoebe, Tree Swallows, Geese, and Robins are all nesting. The weather might affect brood survival - the one goose family I've seen this week had only two goslings.


It would be interesting to know what the birds think about this un-seasonal weather messing up their migrations.


You're bird photos are really good, Don. Thanks.

Wonderful setting got the beautiful bird,

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