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Today is my boys tenth birthday 🎉 and he likes the laid back type of celebration with many kisses and hugs😺
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Thank You Patti ❣️ …and he is a cool cat…just love him to pieces❣️🐈❣️


That is one cool cat!!! :) :) :) Happy Belated Birthday, Luke!


Luke loves to hear how cute he is😺 The purr machine starts up automatically ❣️ Thanks Janet and hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️


What a gorgeous boy he is. Happy Birtday Luke, you do look very laid back. Thanks and hugs Eva, ♥


Peggy..Luke is da boy in the Handsome department and he knows it😺 Your kitty is a beauty too..Love the light markings❣️🌸❣️


Patsy, Luke Thanks You and I’ve found myself having a full time job cuddling and kissing him all day😺 He is liking all the attention he received for his birthday❣️🌸❣️


June, Luke says Thank You for all your loving..he has never been so popular 😺


Val, In his younger days he always slept in that sink and for the passed few years he didn’t and now he is taking over BoBos sink and neither will use my sink and yes I keep it clean so BoBo lays on my hand towel on the counter, he is very sweet about hit😺 Luke Thanks you for the cuddle❣️ Hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️
I hope Bella has let you come closer to her to see about any injuries 🐈❤️🐈


Thanks DD7❣️🌸❣️


Dobra..We are all belonging to the Lean Back Group it seems😂🤣


Jill, glad you noticed how handsome I am😺 Mom brush me and gets all the loose hair and my fur is soft like silk..oh, she trims my nails too and tells me she used to do that on humans many years ago😺 when all finished she calls me “Mr. Handsome!” Thanks and kisses and I love to give kisses😺😺


Thank You Laurie ❣️🌸❣️


Ardy, Both got Sunkist Tuna for breakfast and treats with their dry food and later they had Swedish salmon spread from a tube…Every day is a good day for both of them😺
Thank You and Hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️


Patsy, I agree with you and he is not old in age by the way he plays with his toys😺😺


Luke says to Ruth this pose is for mom to be able to kiss my tummy😺😺


Happy birthday, you beautiful boy!

Happy 10th, Luke! Nice pose for your birthday portrait. Enjoy all those kisses and hugs.


Don't forget to wash behind your ears Luke!. Lots of kisses and cuddles from me. xxxx


Happy 10th Birthday Luke, you found a cool place to pose, great shot Eva give him a cuddle from me, Hugs my friend♥♥

Happy Birthday, Luke! Nice "cheesecake" pose! LOL


I prefer the same way of celebrating! I don't like a lot of fuss.
Happy birthday boys! :-)


Happy 10th Birthday Luke. Nice that you freshened up for it 😊


Happy birthday to Luke! 🧁🐈


Happy birthday. Have a great day and get lots of extra treats and pets and hugs. Spoil him well. Eva. lol Hugs my friend♥♥

He is doing great, if he can get in there at his ripe old age.


haha, nice pose!

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