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Projectile Point

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Though it looks like the real thing, it isn't - not really. It is a bronze die cast of a projectile point. The original point was found near Joseph, Oregon. They decided to create more these little gems as souvenirs for tourists who come to the foundry.

The town of Joseph, named after the great Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph, has become an artists mecca. That occurred because of the original foundry there. It had its beginnings creating machinery, but has since become a resource (along with some new foundries) for artists.

A big thanks to my parents, who recently took a trip to Joseph and brought me this wonderful gift.
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I live in Wales, Elvis. On an island called Anglesey on the northern tip of Wales. It is a beautiful area.

Lovely that you have such a good life. It can get you through those bad times!!



Thanks, John. It's been a lifelong issue, but made worse by relatively recent conditions. Still, I can't complain. I have a very good life, a loving family, and the greatest of friends.

You're up pretty late, yourself, by U.S. standards. Do you live in the States, or is there some other reason you're up at this hour?


Thanks, EB. I wondered if that was the case. Not a nice thing to suffer from. You have my sympathies.


I certainly do live in the Good Old U.S.A. My goofy hours are due to insomnia. I'm thankful that I can do things like jigidi that won't bother anyone else in the house!


Thanks, EB. Some people use "cheats" to help them solve in a quick time. I always do it the "old-fashioned way. Over the years I've picked up little things that help with my time.

Do you live in the States? If so, you are awake at a funny time.


Thank you, John! And look - you put up a fast time!

Hmmm, I seem to recall someone noting how fast your time was on one of your puzzles. Like her/him, I'd like to see how you can solve these puzzles so quickly!


Amazing skill to produce the original, EB. Many thanks.


I just posted some projectile points for your viewing as promised. ;-))


First of all, I am very much looking forward to seeing your handiwork. I shall definitely "stay tuned"!

As to the projectile point having not been there when you visited Joseph, I can only say this. My parents' trip was just a few weeks ago. There's a good chance that they became available only recently. I don't know if this sheds light on the matter, but I believe this same foundry does essentially the same thing to leaves from a maple tree on the foundry's grounds. Perhaps that will strike a chord with you.

I expect to "see" you soon, when you publish that puzzle of your own point!


My wife and I have taken the foundry tour twice on visits to Joseph over the years. I don't remember seeing any p. points exhibited or for sale at the foundry. (Interesting place in it's own right!)
One of these days I'll surprise you with a puzzle of a point I have created! Stay tuned....


Thanks, Cyndi. I agree!

My parents are so awesome, they knew that of the three colors (mentioned in my response to treker) I would choose the black one. I need to make sure they go on trips more often! It gives them a chance to see the world, and they bring me cool things like this - a win/win situation!


Awesome keepsake Elvis......cyndi


Thanks for the comment, @treker. I agree, it really is terrific. I often wonder about the original point - who made it, when was it used and subsequently lost, etc. When I really let my imagination wander, it becomes a point from Chief Joseph himself, though the odds against that are astronomical.

I took a quick peek at your puzzles, and it looks like you're quite a handyman. There are plenty of puzzles that seem like you had a hand in the subject's creation. It's all quite nice, but I'd love to see some of your work with obsidian! If you ever publish one of those, please let me know. After 35 years, I'd bet you've become pretty good at it!

The foundry that makes theses replicas produces them in several different finishes - I know there's at least one that is more of a gray-ish color and other one has hints of a rust color. There might be other finishes, too, but I am unaware of them. My folks brought home the three colors mentioned above (three includes the black finish in the puzzle). The others look like great artistic replicas of a projectile point, but this one looks authentic. It might even fool you - until you pick it up. It's much heavier than an obsidian point!


tfp EB! This casting is a terrific keepsake of a relic from the past.
(I have been knapping obsidian for 35 years.)

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