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Tail: I thought I'd try, too!

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I saw Grannie's puzzle on Tavish & Oliver trying out Auntie Nancy's computer chair and I thought I'd try it out, too! I think it's too big!
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"Scallywag Squad"; I love it!!!!

Patsy, they are getting big and independent. The Scallywag Squad Sr. is into everything as well .

:-)) As already noted, Tail will grow into that chair soon enough. Now it's time to be a tiny kitten and to entertain the family--and us! ~Patsy

Peggy you are right, she does think she's a big girl.
Peasterberg, if your avatar is Sweetie_Pie, I agree!
Jlucky77, thank you and I agree.
Mrgoodboy, and I'm lucky enough to enjoy cute tiny packages times 3!


Oh you are such a big girl keeping the chair ready!


Reminds me of when Sweetie-Pie was a kitten!

So precious!

Cute things come in tiny packages.

I sure hope so, Ilovejigidicats! ♥♥♥

Never mind, little one. You’ll grow into it ❤️

Thank you Auntie Nancy! I'll have to keep these ideas in mind. Tell Tavi and Oliver I can't wait to meet them at the next party.


Nicely done, Tail! You look adorable on your "throne"! Lots of room to stretch out....maybe you could request a cushion or blankie to make it cozier?! Tavi and Oliver say "hi" and think its great you gave it try. ;-))

Thanks, Raven2, she & her sisters are all adorable!


TOO adorable!

Thank you, Auntie Impie! I'll try not to grow too quick!


Not to worry,'ll grow into this chair. Not too soon though, you are so adorably small and cute in this too big chair! ♥☺♥

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25 October 2018 - 25 October 2017
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