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Green Green Grass of Home

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  1. mom2beat13:41
  2. key2ynot16:11
  3. nino18:46
  4. bluemucl20:37
  5. pianocatsandtea21:45
  6. Issandra23:08
  7. marjorie23:44
  8. 1tiredmommie23:47
  9. Mariel24:17
  10. absolutamente24:55


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So verdant, like the Pacific Northwest USA


Green, brown & white - not the glaring modern hues + the blue of summer skies & my (explorer) Scott Home House colors, imprinted during my English boarding school years in the wilds of Surrey County & its uniforms after WWII; rubbing shoulders w/girls from all over the British Empire: Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong & beyond to Iceland, for one. Never occurred to the staff to ring out the bells for Kumbaya-ing so we only got to sit in front of a coal fire & nibble on parental gift boxes of rations sent from Harrods during once-a-term authorized midnight feasts sharing stories of where all we came from. Seemed very rare & far between w/many minor getogethers in bedrooms. Here too my tastes turned to abandoned (why did they every stop? 'Twas a great learning tool) school Victory Gardens in which I gleaned gloriously fresh veggies & fruit (instead of canned everything!) fed by a cement rain water catch system in which we could take cooling dips, swing from ivy & tree branches. So, yeah, these colors are indeed like coming on home. Many thanx flamingo91 Edited version#2


Thank you!


What a beautiful remembrance RebaBe. Glad the puzzle colors brought back precious memories for you. Thank you!

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