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Ice creams & Kaleidos

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  1. dotshell6:37
  2. Tyco6:45
  3. simmskatherine9:36
  4. K8C9:50
  5. LLLZ9:54
  6. 121shirley10:06
  7. piba10:35
  8. Scraggy111:07
  9. Saladd11:40
  10. sableriver4211:50


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Ha ha ha @lilliwebs - not sure I'd be able to fit or balance on a ball either without hurting someone ... or myself!


Trish, dear...I meant those rubber balls we used to take out to recess, for Dodgeball, or Keep-away, that kind of thing !! :)) If there is one big enough out there for me to bounce ON, somebody gonna get HURT !! I guess I could play Keep-away while trying to eat a cone, but you may be the first one to have ever thought of it...!! :))


Can't beat a good ice cream (puzzle) lol Thanks Cherlock

Enjoyed it!


Such awesome comments specific to this puzzle - thanks as always Dotty. ☺️


These kaleidos really do glow, Trish, especially the greens. I love the top right. The ice cream images are fun. The background makes the kaleidos really pop and I like the black background for the ice cream cones. Thanks! Dotty


Ha ha ha @lilliwebs ... I had visions of you bouncing around ON the balls with a cone of ice cream in each hand ☺️
Hi Jason - thanks for popping by too.


Thank you, Trish :-)


That was great...thanks ! I was torn between the fantasy of having an ice cream cone versus going out to bounce a gorgeous rubber ball... :)

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