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Themes " Movies" - Alfred Hitchcock

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Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, KBE (1899 –1980) was an English film director and producer. He is one of the most influential and extensively studied filmmakers in the history of cinema. Known as "the Master of Suspense", he directed over 50 feature films in a career spanning six decades. His films garnered a total of 46 Oscar nominations and six wins.

The "Hitchcockian" style includes the use of camera movement to mimic a person's gaze, thereby turning viewers into voyeurs, and framing shots to maximize anxiety and fear. The film critic Robin Wood wrote that the meaning of a Hitchcock film "is there in the method, in the progression from shot to shot. A Hitchcock film is an organism, with the whole implied in every detail and every detail related to the whole."


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Thank you all for your comments.


His movies were way ahead of the times.
But, I will remember him best for the weekly episodes that he had. I think it was called, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” (?). His humor really came out in the commercials. He would say something like, “We must take a moment for our sponsor”.........It is a good time to get something from the fridge”! Quite a character!!


Yes I loved his movies too and always looked for his cameo appearance too. Thanks and hugs Marina.


I think they put peanut butter or something on the peoples' clothes to attract the birds in the film.


Hi Jillian, I like Hitchcock's cameo appearances in his movies, too!


He was an absolute master of building suspense. Did enjoy his movies, and love to watch out for where he himself might suddenly be on screen :-) Thanks Marina


Jigsawfanatic, I am a fan of Hitchcock's movies, I've seen almost all his movies in videos or in dvd. I'm not afraid of them. It is amazing what they did with the birds to fly like they did. You can look at it here


Great thx xxxx eerie


I can still here him say..... "Good Evening", in his wonderful voice. Loved his movies!


Did anyone else ever watch "Birds?" That was quite a movie. They did something to make birds attack people.


Marina, I remember well the fear I experienced when I saw one of the first horror movies many years ago, it was Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock and I still remember it ♥:))


I thought his programs and films were always suspenseful and entertaining.


I used to watch his shows.