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  1. iwalkden19630:59
  2. franca19471:01
  3. like921151:01
  4. Babchi1:05
  5. zany1:06
  6. jana123211:09
  7. Ballpoint1:13
  8. ladena1:20
  9. penni1:24
  10. Gloria7201:26


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Are you sure this rock isn't an alligator?


I always hated this suit my wife got me - now it's "accidentially" ruined. Heh, heh.


What great humor ya'll have. Love it and LOL!


"Hmmm, something tells me this isn't the bus stop."


Where`d my hat go???


Treat me like I'm a crazy old man+I might as well act like one. Ahhh, actually, this feels delightful, think I'll stay a while!
"Mum-Dad! Gramps is in the river again . . ." ; )


the washing instructions did say 20 degrees!


When Bill wore his business suit to protest the "required" fishing trip in order to promote teamwork, his boss told him to "cool his heels" or lose his job.

Sunday Baptism at the local creek.


cannot figure it out - its like a bad dream or something!

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