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I planted these rather late this year, and after a slow start when they were half eaten by caterpillars, they are really starting to flower well! Hopefully we won't have frost just yet, and I can enjoy this splash of colour for a little longer.
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  2. Strutsi4:19
  3. cali1028194:36
  4. bunzy4:36
  5. Suegmann4:41
  6. K8C4:45
  7. bellazaini4:59
  8. Dawnie555:00
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I live a bit south from you. Mine were a bit late this year but I have loads that are seeds from last years plants that I just leave and they come up better than the packets I sow.. I like the creamy coloured ones but the orange are much more hardy and come up every year and take over. They can grow quite high, yours looks like mine that creeps up the trellis and other plants to about 7ft. Frost caught some out in the open a week ago but some are still giving a good show. Nice and cheerful.
Thank you for the puzzle.

I'm the same editrix. I head straight for the 'reduced to clear' section! My best bargain ever was an orchid which was coming to the end of flowering. It's had flowers every year since, for the last 15 years! I always give the finds a bit of tlc and a gentle prune if needed, but seem to do better with them than ones that cost plenty. I also like the challenge of starting with seeds, but am not always good at looking after them, so it's a bit hit and miss. Generally do well with anything that can be put in the ground and then left to do its own thing. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Chris


Lovely puzzle... I am often a sucker for the "sick and hurts" at the garden center, too... Many can be rehabilitated with a little tender tending.

Thanks for all your comments. I was really sad when the caterpillars decimated the leaves in the summer, and hunted for any eggs whenever I saw a butterfly near the plants! I'm in Berkshire, Southern England, where we don't get such harsh weather as some areas of the UK, and the plants are in a sunny, sheltered corner near the house, so I can see them from the window. I'm planning to start sowing the seeds earlier next year, and sow them at various dates, to hopefully get a longer show of flowers (and beat the caterpillars better!) I'm generally a fan of giving plants plenty of chances before I give up on them, even buying slightly sad looking, reduced price plants at the garden centre! Chris

They are lovely! We've been having light snows lately so I think Winter is almost here.

Where do you live where you can enjoy these before frost?

I have a similar experience chrissyliz. My daughter had a half-dead nasturtium which I added to a flower bed. I didn’t think it would survive, but after a long time it started flowering and is still full of bright flowers. A real treat this time of the year in the UK. The only colour left in the garden. So never give up even if something looks half dead. It may just need a little extra time.

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