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2020 Movies.

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  1. Kpruitt1431:17
  2. Robbos1:29
  3. rahas1:31
  4. Mischka1:38
  5. cobra1:41
  6. octhomasad1:44
  7. jimez1:45
  8. Oneduck11:45
  9. Cootje601:46
  10. sauvegirl1:47


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I'm glad some of you can find humor in the face of the worst pandemic since (quoting Joe Biden) "1917... 1916?... 1967? I'm the only candidate in this rate that knows how to make a root beer float. When I was vice president, I was Barrack's point man to make sure it never rained on Washington D.C.. And... wait, I have to go pee".

*- Please, this is not intended as a political statement, just one old man making fun of another old man. I could have used Trump just as easily, but Joe is such an easy target and I didn't feel like working this morning.... "Make America Smile Again" (vote TIM in 2020. Paid for by the inmates on the third floor of Bellevue Hospital. I'm TIM and I had nothing to do with this comment.... wink wink nod nod


That's good news!


In the St. Louis area some old drive-ins are opening up. People will park at every other speaker.


I really do hope that cinemas will survive this.

I’d want to see that, on the other side of this apocalypse!


I was going to plan a trip to Devil's Tower. Now what will I do?

Oh, yes. Stay Home.


I know an ET that is going to be very disappointed

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