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Boats and a mystery monster on our lake
Why this advertisement?


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Thanks for the comment, Marina. It sure is a wonderful lake to have so close to home. One other feature I didn't mention (I think) is that we have a lot of forest near the lake and up the little "mountain" behind the location I took this little photo. The "mountain" is home for quite a few local wild animals. Somehow we tend to politely "ignore" each other most of the time..


This is gorgeous to look at and live. Love the green nature, all the tree reflections and the serenity of it all. Thanks for the puzzle too.


Thanks everyone for your interest and comments.

Great scene and thank you. 9-22-19


Very interesting. Thanks jyl. :)


Hi back atcha, yonx! First of all, thanks for the comment! The reflection is more than the reality because the "art gods" teach us that horizons should be above or below the middle of a scene.
I believe the weedy bottom is more likely the result of the lake's being quite shallow and therefore a great environment for plant growth. The other probable cause could be that we are part of a rain forest (therefore no fertilizer and moderate housing development). The water critters are kept in check in part by our being on one of the major bird migration routes, e.g., until quite recently we had swallows breakfasting on insects every morning, thereby helping to keep everything in balance.


Hi jyl... This is such a lovely scene and unusual too because of the reflection being a bit more than the reality. What a super place to live from your description to Mary.
I got a quick look at the monster at the end of the puzzle! In some of our lakes here the run off of fertilizers into the water ways is the cause of overgrowth of the weeds. Could that be the cause of yours too? Normally one would think that the weed growth would be balanced by nature, and water critters eating them?
I see you take lots of photographs. I think that's neat and it gives you your own copyrights.
(˘⌣˘) Robyn


Thanks for the comment, Mary. Our little lake (about 1 km long) is peaceful - very little noise in the area and just far enough from the Trans Canada Highway that it's almost silent from most of the lake. The trees you see are all in people's back yards--guess you could say we live in a very green environment.


I love the picture and very much enjoyed the puzzle. It is so peaceful looking to me. I also love the reflection and all the beautiful trees. Love nature. Thanks and blessings to you. Mary


Thanks for commenting, Floyd. I don't know the proper name for the machine, I know only that it is towed from one to another of the three largest relatively shallow lakes in our little city (Langford, BC) and cuts the weeds that grow up from the bottoms. The weeds are collected by the same machine and disappear from our view. I speculate that they are processed in some way and logic would say that they are distributed to farmland as fertilizer.


Inviting lake.
I have not seen a weed eater before.


Thanks jyl, for explaining. We have those too. A dredger dredges up mud. To keep a body of water clean, or deep enough. And to keep the wildlife in the water healthy. And I believe we use the cut weed as fertilizer too☺


Schutkleur, I'm not too sure what a dredger is, but your guess is probably as close as anyone will get to the correct answer. It's a weed eater. It floats on the lake and cuts and gathers the vegetation underneath it. This allows the few species of fish to survive and prevents the lake from choking with weeds. I'm not certain, but I think the cut weeds are used as fertilizer for local parks or farms.


Is it a dredger (Dutch : baggerschuit) jyl????
I love the refelctions too☺


Thanks, PLG1958; it seems to be more of a problem than I had expected.
Irisriver,I took the photo because of the reflections--I'm glad you enjoy them!!

CLUE: This is a marshy lake.


I love the reflections in the water!


Beautiful photo! (I'm afraid I can't solve the mystery.)


Sorry, but no. We are very lucky to have all those trees and small mountains; they keep a lot of wind away from us.


Lovely photo, Jyl! Thanks :)

Is is a boathouse under construction?


Sorry! It's the red thing close to the middle of the picture, on the shore.



Care to guess what the monster is?

Why this advertisement?