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melon, squash and cuke hills are all at this point as of 07/01/15.
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  1. Ribs0:12
  2. stephen0:13
  3. Dilubreuer0:14
  4. pumpkinhead0:16
  5. mamaj60:16
  6. TykeExile0:16
  7. wshealy0:17
  8. Pekaji0:20
  9. ulangariver0:21
  10. dklepetz940:22


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WOW. i have a whole harvesting (and eating) party already.

will call you first els.
suzy, mine could use a little less sun at this point. i am irrigating every 5 days because it is so hot here now and no rain.
and of course you are aways welcome lunie.
have one of each ginger ♥


Count me in also Jo, would love a fresh picked any one of them. Hugs♥


Hahaha may i join you two ladies? Would love that...


I'm with els. They look SO HEALTHY!
Ours need a little less "drowning" and a little more sun.


Contact me when harvest begins...

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