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Once upon a time there was a puppy

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Making a mess. ☺ 5 months ols.
Do you see that brown ball? Micky played almost her whole life with it and it's my favourite toy. I few times a day we play with. It must be about 17 years old now.
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That you did.


Waf waf woof dear aunties, I just did what puppies do. It was fun. ☺
Sweet licks ♥♥♥


So cute! Thanks for sharing, Bella and Ank. ♥︎☺︎♥︎


You truly are a cutie, Bella❤️❤️


Oh, Bella!




I love your expression Bella! ♥♥♥


Coffee used to "worry" a knot on the mane of her lion stuffed toy. I think it must be like popping the bubbles on plastic wrap...or eating popcorn...once you start you can't stop. LOL ;DDD


Waf waf woof dear aunties. It was a real funny thing, it started as a ball and it became bigger and bigger. It was allowed to tear this apart and it was fun to do. That ball is really my favourite. We play soccer with it, always in the house and never outside. Sometimes I take it with me to the garden but that's not allowed, this ball has to stay inside. And if there is another dog in the house they are not allowed to touch it. Mum takes care for that.
Sweet licks ♥♥♥

Pulling things apart is not good sometimes.

Bella you look so sweet, hugs !!!!


Love the look in your eye, Bella. You are thinking you should not be tearing this apart but daring Mum to stop you. LOL You had such fun with this like Micky did with his balloons. Hope you play with that ball in the house. It would be really sad if you lost it outside or another dog took it. Thanks, Ank.


I special love this photo because of the way she looks. ☺


She certainly is! I'm glad Mickey's ball is still being used (and he is too!)


How lovely that you still have fun with Mickey's ball, Bella. You are having fun with that shower ball too. Hugs and wafs.


Doing what puppies enjoy doing, Bella, you must be much gentler with Micky's brown ball. I'm pleased you love Micky's ball.

A puppy has to chew! LOL


Good morning auntie. ♥♥♥


Good morning Bella :-))))

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