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Meet DORUS.....# 2....those eyes!!!!!♥

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He's the new kitty of my best friend.
After she lost Blacky almost 7 weeks ago she has given Dorus a forever home.
She is a volunteer at the Animal Rescue Hospital (Dierenambulance) where Dorus was admitted after he was rescued from the streets some weeks ago. He had an abcess on the implant of his tail and on 'her day' my friend had to treat him for it as well. Dorus was always very cheerful and really knew how to 'sell' friend was 'sold' and since Thursday they've adopted each other ♥♥♥
I had the honour to meet him this afternoon and after sniffing my hand I could stroke him. Then I presented him my welcome present ...a catnip toy ...he loves it and we became instant friends! He's so sweet!!!
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  5. Noah11:04
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  7. Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo1:11
  8. libiohac1:11
  9. Impie1:14
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Hi Carol, I took 22 photos of him yesterday, if you want I could pick another one from those to post now too!....In fact, I can almost hear you say YES PLEASE!!! so I think I'll do just that. :-)))

I will CJ45....I'll create a puzzle in a moment where I think he really really looks adorable!!!!!


Impie you must send me your updates please @CJ45 thank you.


Hi Impie, I was hoping you would keep us posted.........he looks like such a love!


Thank you all for your nice comments regarding Dorus....♥

I'll try to update on him this space! ☺


Oh just to say to say we have had always had two cats and only one dog at a time in our family and they have always got on great with each other.


"Just in case".....that's the first signal...what a lovely story


Hi CJ45, my kitty "Da'Baby" had passed away......3 weeks later, I went to our local rescue to " just look". (Oh, did I mention I took cat carrier "just in case"?) That was 14 years ago.....


Now that is another nice story Carol66


Such a love! Reminds me of my "Payton".......also rescued from "the streets". Turned out we rescued each other. :)


This beautiful little boy now has his forever home and so deserves it. ☺☺☺


What a lucky kitty to have found a forever home and a new forever friend in youI


Love stories like this Impie and so happy that this lovely kitty is safe in his forever home :-)


He looks like he doesn't quite believe his luck. It's wonderful that he now has a forever home.


I am so happy to see this beautiful kitty in his new home and so trusting of his new mum and her friend, Impie! His coloring is really unusual...those eyes that match his tail! I look forward to more puzzles and updates! Thank you for sharing.

YEA!!!!!!! Such a cutie and it is so wonderful he found a pawsitively wonderful furever home. Welcome to Jigidi Dorus! Be sure and fill him in on the parties, Impie!


Seems to be asking..."I'm really going to get to stay here?!"
Dusty : )


Thank you, nillie, I hope so too.....they are both so happy with each other! ♡♡


Yeah, Anne...the colour of his eyes is so pretty and I noticed he can also see well with them ...☺
He's mostly white with orange or ginger tabby markings indeed.....whatever the breed..... it's a wonderful pretty result! ♡♡


Hopefully your friend and her new kittiy will enjoy many years of loving life together!
Thanks Impie♥♥


Thank you, Mrs_Quinn....Dorus is a sweetie! ♡
Be assured my love for kitties will never die, but Goofie was my last kitty and -for personal reasons- I'm determined it will stay that way!

Thank you CJ45.....Dorus and my friend seem to have found a wonderful match! ;)

Yeah, Faye....he's a good boy.....the beautiful colour of his eyes matches the orange markings on his perfect white fur! ♡

So do I, Marilyn....and blue ones too! Thanks.

Thank you Irisriver ☺♡☺


Oh, what excellent eyes. He's so white and his eyes have that pinkish tinge so I'm guessing there's some albino in there along withe Asian/Egyption and ginger tabby? What a guy. Golden Eye!


Purrs and smiles! ☺♥☺


I love amber cat eyes and green ones also.


He's very good about having his picture taken...and those amber. :)


Lovely cat Impie and a beautifull story. Thank you.


Impie - Dorus is adorable - when I went to Jigidi and saw the kitten you had posted before I read that he is your best friends new addition - I thought you had a new kitten ♥

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