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Garden - This Year's Hanging Baskets 1

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Not as spectacular as years gone by, but I like the stripes on these blooms. I hadn't seen the yellow & dark striped ones before so they made a change. They are up high & need watering every evening in the hot weather, even if it rains as they are too close to the house wall to get much in the way of rain. Hubby does the honours!

(If you'd like to see more puzzles of my garden, please type nickysgarden into your jigidi search bar & you should be taken straight to them).
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  2. Kerwin4:33
  3. pwk4:46
  4. Pekaji4:51
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It does, beyondwords! That & picking off the dead heads to promote more flowers! I've noticed they make cone shaped baskets like this with a hook now, in order to hook them over garden fences. We see mostly round baskets, though. These cone ones just have plastic sheeting inside to hold the water, but the round ones can have coconut matting or even moss. It's very expensive to buy them ready made, so we do our own. It's necessary to stand the cone or round baskets in a bucket in order to keep them steady while filling them.

So far I find the basket itself the most interesting, even more so against the brick wall. When I complete the jigsaw I'll get a look at the flowers. Watering daily is a task that has its rewards.

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