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Bob with Scarlett as a puppy

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She really loved him and it was mutual. Her name is Scarlett O'Hara, because he was a Yankee and I am from the south!!!!
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Nicepeach2, my hubby had a goatee and mustache, too. When he was in care they had to shave the goatee off as it interfered with his feeding. I understood that. It will be 5 years this Aug. 14th that my Keith passed away. You can see a few pictures of him if you go into my puzzles. Hugs, Wendy


Mary, this is such a sweet photo..Thank you for sharing ..

I read you lost your husband last year. i feel for you.. My husband died 2 years and nine months ago.. He was only 49. I know how hard it is. Take care


That is so touching.


I love to see a big ol' man turn to putty in the paws of a puppy! What a lovely picture and memory. Thank you for sharing it with us.....

Touching Image, thank you for sharing ♥


Such a dear picture, thanks! I'm a Southern girl too, Louisiana.


What a beautiful photo, Mary, full of wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing and hugs to you my friend.


A story of true love.


Mary, i empathize with you...thanks for sharing your grief with us.


This is lovely to see, both giving each other a cuddle with love. Thanks Mary.


You seem to be able to make comments on other pictures now!

I had not read that your husband died a year ago. I lost mine 5 years ago; still quite young: 66.
It is hard to get on at first, but it is possible.
I love my life again now, although I too am not so healthy as I was 5 years ago~!
I left my home therefore last winter and now live in an appartment. But... I live there with my dog and we keep each other happy and I am glad I can still be active (most days!!) !!


Thanks for posting, I just looked at your profile and like what you said and love your pictures.


Lovely combination of young and old and....both love a little nap !!

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