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roller skates 001

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Back in the day, a sure sign of Spring was girls roller skating on the sidewalk. These were a "passing present" when I was 8 or 9. Sunshine skates were the best with their ball bearings! Saying goodbye to them, after more than 60 years, and sending them to the Thift store.
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You are welcome Robin.-Valerie


amazing valerie...... I was looking for something in the "junk" drawer last week and what do you think I found.........LOL???? old skate key.....I had to show my grands and tell them about it...but I didn't have a picture of the now I can use this one......thanks..lots of neat memories on those old skates.......thanks.robin


klchapz- I never had the boot kind but my sons did. Don't think they had as much fun with them as I did with these. Hope you enjoyed the memory.-Valerie

had a pair of these - loved them and then of course, later on, had a pair of roller boots--which were even better!


canidlover-I'm with you! Our sidewalk was fairly new but across the street, it was old and very bumpy. If you were going fast enough, the cracks didn't cause too much trouble.

luckybie- I,too spent hours and years roller skating. Loved it.

TonyMarina- Loved that song! Too bad about the bricks. -Valerie

Luckybie I believe you are right. She may have been a one hit wonder. When and where I grew up we had brick sidewalks. Imagine that. :-D


What a blast from the past....I am 76 yrs old and the greatest fun I ever had as a kid was my ball bearing roller skates. We had a paved dead end street, so we spent every possible day outside, for years!

TonyMarina, If I'm right, that was " Melanie " who sang that song. I love that memory, too!

"Oh I've got a brand new pair of roller skates you've got a brand new key...I think that we should get together to try them on to see"...

Loved mine . . . could go like the wind, 'til you hit a crack on the sidewalk!


I loved them and could really get going but I had practice with non-ball bearing skates for a year or two so I was ready to go when I got these. Hope you enjoyed the memory.-Valerie


Wow! I remember those! Darn near killed myself a few times.........never did master them very well!
(PS, I am still "cluzy".)

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