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✾☘❃ Flowers of spring ❃☘✾

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Snowdrop - Galanthus nivalis - spring flower which is one of the first messengers of spring. It blooms in February and March in meadows and under the shrubs. It has been extended from its European home to other continents. It is currently one of the rare and protected plants
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Nicco, you're right, they are very brave flowers, they often bloom in snowdrifts and yet their beauty does not suffer. As I wrote, I live in a place with strict nature protection, many snowdrops bloom here, it looks like meadows full of snow. But we are forbidden to tear them, I can only take photos. At the time when they bloom, it is not possible to enter the meadow, because at every step we would destroy dozens of these plants. Thanks to it, they remain in unchanged amount for many years ♥:))


These are so beautiful & so delicate, not to mention brave as they often bloom in the coldest weather here. I only realised a few years ago that there are many different varieties & people collect them for their differing green patterning on the petals. Some are rare & very sought after.


RetiredOkie, the pleasure is on my side. Thank you very much for the kind words you wrote me, I'm glad you liked my photos of spring flowers ♥:))


Loved your puzzles for today. Very cute dainty flowers. Thanks for sharing.


Good evening dear Dasa, I'm glad I was able to bring you some spring flowers, maybe you'll enjoy them before you can go out and see them for real. When the sunny days come, nature wakes up very quickly and in a moment everything will be beautifully green and full of flowers. I wish you a speedy recovery so that you can enjoy spring days in the sun and fresh air. Thank you for coming to see me, I'm looking forward to our next meeting ♥:))

Dear Deanna, these are beautiful photos. I like snowdrops and the snowflakes are even more gorgeous. Thanks so much for the piece of spring. From the window I can see the bushes starting to turn green. It will be very warm for a few days now, so nature will make a big leap. So enjoy it. Have a nice evening and take care, my friend. ♥♥♥


Jerry, thank you very much, I'm glad you like ones of the first spring flowers that just started bloom. I hope you also enjoy spring and wish you beautiful days ♥:))


@Deanna A charming quartet today, my friend. Thanks.

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