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Climbing Mt. Fridgidaire

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Our youngest (14 years ago) learning how to get in to everything
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Thanks for your encouraging words, BDMC, ozabby. I thought it was a bit of an over-reaction, but what do I know. I had a knee jerk reaction and started responding in-kind, then thought better of it. To each his own, and sticks and stones. :-)


My 2 toddlers are now in their early fifties.They were not little angels(boys) and did far more serious things than open the fridge door and have a peek.Life has many pitfalls that await each and every one of us.
AND of course they have had their payback period producing their own little fridge door openers. I hope everyone has a nice day.One of the things i was proud to teach them was the phrase"Sticks and
Stones will hurt my bones but names will not hurt me" Adios Amigos........

ktwfs - I believe that it takes a lot more muscle and weight to tip a fridge than this cute (and determined) little guy has. Lucky there was no boiling hot coffees, werewolves, fast cars or sharp utensils lurking in the fridge that posed a danger to your boy... =D very cute photo


Mr. Dennis, or Rangers Lead The Way... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions of my picture. You'll be relieved to note that right after I snapped this picture, nothing extraordinary happened. That toddler is now 14 years old and happily living his life.

This picture is scary to look at. The person taking this picture is an idiot and only thinks about take a “funny” not picture of this little. Fridge could tip over crushing hi. In a split second. Bottles tip over onto his head or small boned feet. There is no common sense taking a photo like this at all. Just tp post it on a puzzle APP? Your not a parent, but a very dangerous , non-protector of this little guy. I pray his future is more safe his parent wise-up and stop being stupid, ignorant assholes. You show no responsibilities as parents. Dennis


This little person should do well on the ladder of life....Very cool already....

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