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  1. pomme10414:19
  2. Sexy15:24
  3. redwine73116:04
  4. rubyparadise16:11
  5. louloublue17:02
  6. Macedonian18:29
  7. monicaarmintrout19:47
  8. Clavis20:52
  9. Huggorm21:00
  10. karenbyassee21:09


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I finally caught up on this one June. Love the centre sun and stars. Thanks. :)))


Very celestial! Stars, moons, etc. Great yellow highlights, beautiful blues (esp top left) and purples. Taken by the blue/cream/goldy brown too - very effective. The others were still quality motifs - overall much appreciated. Thanks June. Hope you're keeping well. Off to bed now for me.


Hi seagull, sherryharry and Lee thank you. nice to do a fun puzzle now and then, sorry about the monsters

These are so fine!!!! thank you.

Thank you for giving a little something different with this design!


i see horrible monsters in the bottom right; glad there are all those bright candles in the upper left to scare them away. :)


Hi grammylis, Gail, and chilisand, thank you hope you are having fun


These are lovely, thank you.


Fun puzzle, June. Thanks:)

Thank you for today's puzzle. Enjoyed this one too.

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