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Sure sounds familiar!

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That's a good one, Michael. A portal is like a window into a different dimension.

Portal? What's a portal? Don't let them get me! I have enough trouble with the automated telephone trees! When I want to talk to the pharmacy at Hyvee, I call the main line and ask them to transfer me. Otherwise, the "tree" gives me 4 or 5 options, none of which let me talk to a real person! The "tree" wants my prescription number; heck, if I could read that fine print, I could drive myself to Hyvee!!! Someone help us get this tech gadgetry under control! Thank you for posting!


OMG, lucky me. We don't have this mess in our region...but you never know what future will bring...


The alternative, trying to reach the doctor's office by telephone, is almost as bad! It takes lengthy amounts of waiting time listening to music until you finally reach a person at my doctor's office. But yes, the portal is probably even more annoying.

Like most of the persons here, or "victims," I have quit trying to get through on any portal. I used to tell my medical office personnel that I couldn't figure out how to get through the portal maze, but the only help I was ever given was silence. I've since traded frazzled nerves for peace of mind by erasing all medical portals I receive.

This is NOT an exaggeration!! It makes us sicker and depressed . The funny….in this skit
makes me sick……………😝😩😥🥵

With your sense of humour jigsawfanatic I don’t think you’ll be dead for a long time yet. Thanks for the chuckle.


I get messages in my email account from the medical facilities, asking me to log in to read the messages. I don't even bother logging in, because every time I try to log in, it tells me the login failed. I could be dead for all i know, but I will never know because I can't log in. Grrrr....


@Droelfzehn, this is so terribly true. And Far Side often hit the mark completely. Thanks for a tag on a great puzzle Michael. I hope you are well as we go into fall. I take it most of your jaunting around the countryside is done for this season.


It is true, I have my primary care Dr. and and 4 specialist Drs. each uses a different medical portal of which each I need an account, they supposedly can be linked, but I haven't had any success with that, just aggravation Michael. Thanks for the tag and thanks hike17 for the post lol.


I should be roaring with laughter but unfortunately I have experienced the frustration of this digital age... I recently attempted to make a doctor's appointment via the family doctor's website. Spent quite a bit of time "" (fidling) around and just as I thought I had succeeded a "pop-up" appeared with the message " we're sorry but at the moment it is not possible to make an appointment via our website". Made an appointment per telephone and when I saw the doctor I handed him the "print-screens" I had printed of my attempt to make an appointment. I told him that if I ever have a heart attack it'll be beacause my blood pressure went bezerk due to the frustration of all this digital nonsense which we're often told is "oh, it's so easy"! Cheers - Rob.

I despise those portals. I. Fact, I hate all passwords too! They never accept mine more than twice and I constantly try to change them. I only have my phone, and the systems apparently think someone is trying to break into my accounts. Very aggravating.

Sooo True!


I hear that.


Yep, I do know it all too well...It has become the story that I now live, Michael!
Stay healthy as you can.


It is the great truth! Very, very good! Thanks, dear Hike!


May become true... we are on a good way.

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